What is WonderMouth?

It’s a treat for your horse… they like it!
This new revolutionary product has been used extensively in Wellington Florida at the Winter Equestrian Festival & countless polo matches, in Miami at Gulfstream and Caulder Race Tracks and in Southern Pines, North Carolina in a variety of equestrian activities.
Polo, Eventing, Dressage, Racing, Grand Prix, Jumping have all had dramatic success using Wonder Mouth!

A few ounces of Wonder Mouth solution in the corners of the mouth (horses love the taste!) keeps your horse’s mouth moist and lubricated to prevent chaffing and abrasions from normal bitting.

Before the show:

Lubricates, Protects & Calms

Cold, hard steel on soft lips, cheeks and bars spell trouble with a capital T. You got hands of velvet? Yeah, right! Why not give your horse the same protection top level champions have used for over 50 years. They like the taste. For best results, use half of a bottle before riding, generously coating the horse’s entire mouth.

After the show:

Refreshing, Natural Ingredients

Pleasant tasting antiseptic mouthwash relieves minor symptoms of mouth stress caused by bitting and equestrian activity!

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